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Monday, March 2, 2009

Lazy Blogger

Yup that's me!!! despite the fact that my computer is always logged in and I am on net whenever I get time, I couldn't publish my own posts...
Well there are two main reasons first "I am not a writer... its very difficult for me to put things/thoughts in words (ya written words) and essentially I am a "reader" (if its a proper word) I LOVE reading and cant help it (even have books in my bathroom) and this leads to my second reason, "There are so many creative, inspirational blogs that just needs to be read and it took so much of my time and energies that I find it hard to write anything.
And still I am doing it :) Yes coz i know if I don't do it, there is no other way I could document anything at all and I want to keep some kind of a journal for M....Her first year scrap book is still laying somewhere in my cupboards (yes I am LAZY)

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