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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Resolution :)

I am so sorry about this poor poor blog. I started it with the aim to maintain Miral's journal coz I am too lazy to put things in a Manual [ haven't yet completed Miral's 1st year record book :( ] then I thought an online journal would be fun, apperantly it was easy and it also gives the opportunity to keep record with pictures and all and you could get it printed afterwards BUT i am very bad at maintaining it so far.

hopefully in future the situation will be different...... ( fingers, hands, arms, eyes crossed)

Friday, July 25, 2008

stains are good.... after all !!!

well the title came from an add campaign "...Dagh to achai hotai hain"
Actually I wanted to post a video especially for my dearest Ali, Sanam and Mahwish (who haven't met Miral as yet) but unfortunately after taking about 45 minutes they send me a message that the video could not be loaded up. Well guys now we have to compromise on pictures.
This was when we took miral to college a few days ago

all messed up collecting the "neemorian"

hmmmm gona eat them!!
Ohoo No NO No

whats so ammazing? .... well!!!

we were trying to teach her self-control for quiet some time now,and all the time we had to stop her from putting stuff in her mouth saying "No No No" like "Pitch and potch"do with shaking your head from side to side . And this blessed day she did it all by herself while playing in the sculpture courtyard (baba was busy photographing). I was shocked to see the video coz i was not expecting this happening so early. But the -not so nice - part is that this goody goody behaviour is reserved only for baba, i still have to say " No No No".