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Friday, September 19, 2008

Temperamental Differences

Today I want to share few very interesting articles regarding behavioral development and its effects. I believe that Parents feel more effective as they more fully understand and appreciate their child's unique personality because it appears that "When parents understand how their child responds to certain situations, they an learn to anticipate issues that might present difficulties for their child. They can prepare the child for the situation or in other cases they may avoid a potentially difficult situation all together".I accidentally came across this article "Different Strokes for Different Folks" while searching for toddler development (though this article is originally posted in tween and teens label and as a mom of a 19 months old I hardly go to areas labeled with age groups above preschoolers.)
And this was so fascinating that i actually ended up searching for the "9 temperamental traits"
and then their are other titles like coping with your child's personality in the same page that are really helpful!

happy parenting!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fancy Pens

well this is not perticularlly a montessori inspiered activity yet as i believe in what maria montesori believed "seeing becoms reading and touching becomes writing" so i labeled it montessori, in fact its not even a planed activity. yet it is somthing that M loves to do at any given time of the day (or even night) and this cute addition to M's beloved stationery is all around the place now!!!

these cute "burrrds" and "haarts" ballpoint pens were gifted by Asma Mos this weekend and since then M asks for them every 5 minutes or so, and now they are out with her sketchbook or any spare paper all the time..... eating , playing with blocks, laying on floor, relaxing ,sitting, watching Baby TV......any time
what interests me most is the fact that she is not apparently fascinated by the soft fathers or the birds or hearts, though she mentioned "burrrds"once or twice in the beginning but after that she didn't touch it didn't play with it, even doesnt seem to notice them while drawing.... strange!

and with a ban on crayons;.... (ya you heard it right! she is not gonna use crayons for some time now all thanks to her taste buds..... she cant resist the tasty yummy (yukky) crayons) this fascination seems to last a bit longer.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Little Cook's First Dish

I am not so sure if these come into junkies or what but M and I are in love with these instant noodles these days .
This is one dish that M loves to help me with. Whenever i ask her if she wants to help me prepare noodles she has this cute smile on her face that is accompanied by the continuous nodes throughout. this is how it goes......
first thing first..... the ingredients

one pack of 2 min noodles
1 & 1/2 cup water
and some cooked chicken or veggies (if M allows)

First Mommy opens the packet and divides the whole noodle cake into two then its M's turn to break it into small pieces (mom helps with this too)

then comes the best part we drop the small noodle pieces into water !!! (cold) and M can do it for ages at a stretch ( i simply have to end it with a polite that's enough thank you thingie)
then M usually takes a bath and practice her pouring skills once again while mom cooks and add some seasoning &veggies/chicken
last night she relaxed on her favorite spot and waited for the noodles to cool down

and finally its time for our hard earned meal on her beloved cushion :)

**I still need to get her a few kitchen aids!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ice Cream momy..... what else!!!

Oh how much I love this dirty face and naughty smile :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Our Very Own Puzzles

Its been a month that these puzzles are a part of our daily play,( made 05-09-08) yet I had to force my self to take the pictures and made an entry :) , M still doesn't help me much with this kind of craft but soon i will start involving her in it. I think she can help with the glue now ( it could be messy though) and selection of pictures of course
any way for this one I took mount sheet ( from framer) and last years calender (Iqbal books) featuring cats that M is crazy about and retro backgrounds
then I glued the one that were simple and it had "flowers" M's Favorite and "Khat" in the posture that was simplest. As I wanted to make it super simple I made a super obvious mistake :) M was not interested after attempting it once or twice.

then i realized my mistake !!! I cut it diagonally into four pieces..... it had no keys to give clue and the triangles can fit in so many ways :( ... and she couldn't get her "khat" so for the second one I kept the cat faces intact and divided it into just two piece with two keys

this one is a hit !

she even tried putting it in reverse and side ways and she is as happy with it(her self applause is a clear indication that she is happy with what she is doing)

I never really realized that completing a task (the way they perceive it) is that important for a toddler. (though we read about it all the time)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Copy Cat

I don't know how to label this post and there is not much to write about it either. On the 30th of last month i was working on some assignment and M was playing on her own when suddenly I realized that it is unusually quiet, so i went out to look for M and here's what i caught her with ........

Yep !!! she was absorbed practicing with her pencil...... and no it was not about writing or drawing anything... the target was to hold the pencil like grown ups.
by the way this is the one and only time she did it and we didn't try convince her either
after all she has to do it all her life!!! so y not enjoy the chubby full hand grip for now :)

Latest Additions

Some new additions to M's picture book library, I got three of them from "Readings" just for Rs.145 !!! the other two " Nickel Nackel Tree and Over in the Meadow " (M's favorite) also came from a second hand book store just for Rs.100. and wow all of them are as good as new and M has the pleasure to select them !!

provides plenty of visual stimulation to M, we talk about the birds and fish and stars and frogs and God know what not.....its an amazing world and M loves to look at pictures and point out at her beloved friends...." shish"," khat" (cat), "boiii" (ball), "sttah"(star), "buurrds" birds.......

and it needs a lot of stamina and patience to read "over in the meadow" some 20 or 30 times in a row, and then again "shish" buurrrds".......

She loves the fish and the Ducks best

the funny thing is that no matter how much i appreciate her love of books i end up hiding end the session ;)

happy reading :)