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Friday, September 12, 2008

Our Very Own Puzzles

Its been a month that these puzzles are a part of our daily play,( made 05-09-08) yet I had to force my self to take the pictures and made an entry :) , M still doesn't help me much with this kind of craft but soon i will start involving her in it. I think she can help with the glue now ( it could be messy though) and selection of pictures of course
any way for this one I took mount sheet ( from framer) and last years calender (Iqbal books) featuring cats that M is crazy about and retro backgrounds
then I glued the one that were simple and it had "flowers" M's Favorite and "Khat" in the posture that was simplest. As I wanted to make it super simple I made a super obvious mistake :) M was not interested after attempting it once or twice.

then i realized my mistake !!! I cut it diagonally into four pieces..... it had no keys to give clue and the triangles can fit in so many ways :( ... and she couldn't get her "khat" so for the second one I kept the cat faces intact and divided it into just two piece with two keys

this one is a hit !

she even tried putting it in reverse and side ways and she is as happy with it(her self applause is a clear indication that she is happy with what she is doing)

I never really realized that completing a task (the way they perceive it) is that important for a toddler. (though we read about it all the time)