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Friday, August 22, 2008

Crumpled Collage

I was planing to do a collage activity with M for quite some time now. I got the basic idea for this collage from Mellisa's Blog "chasing cheerios". Had bought the transparent sticker sheet weeks ago but last night when we finally get down to do it....
.....BOOOinGG !!! This is Our final product !!! :)
tried fixing the sticker sheet (sticky side up) on floor ....NO!
Irfan suggested hanging it up will add interest as it will bring her attention to the fact that things (tissue papers) are actually sticking to it and not falling down but..... NO!!!
She was more interested in the masking tape i used to fix the back of sticker sheet to fish tank :)and then all of a sudden she realises that the sheet is sticking IT EVEN STICKS TO MY HANDS!!!And all the other things in room so here it is OUR VERY FIRST CRUMPELED COLLAGE !!HeHe we'll sure try it in another few days .

Monday, August 18, 2008

From M's sketch book

Drawing is one activity that we do on daily basis right from the day M started holding a pencil (with her whole hand ofcourse) after a day or two we bought her chubby crayons, and to this day this is one activity that kept her interest for such a long long time (only Legos and books are in a close competition.....)She is ready to indulge in it at any time, any where

so here are a few glimpses from her sketchbook

lets start with the older ones
the first one that is on record :) from Jan 5 2008 when M was 11 months old This is the only one with date may be I was too excited and now its a norm :( i think i should still keep a record with dates and all Its fun looking back at the progress..... Nahi??
I encircled the tea stain on upper right corner so dont get too impressed :)

wow....... can see the grip and controll after a just few months practice

We still have to encourage her to use different colors , mostly she is contented with any one given color and starts chewing the other one !!!

hope u never loose ur interest!!!

happy Drawing Miral !!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Finger Paints (25th July)

Last month we had 3 fun painting sessions, (these pics are from the 2nd one)we made the finger paints using the easiest recipe that I learned from some toddler site ( cant remember the name now but thanks to that site any way) for this Miral helped me mix plain flour with water and food colors (we just had red and green)Mixing was fun in its own and M was really delighted doing just that but we moved on once i showed her how we use it on paper. I stripped M to her diaper and we are all ready for the action!
This time we also invited a few friends to join us and they also enjoyed the finger paints

M's master strokes
these were "Finger" Paints but M liked using Brushes and Spoons for her painting and she can't keep herself to just that 20 x 30 inches sheet so she was all over the plastic sheet that was to protect the carpet.
curious that she never used the two colors together... soon we'll try again and see what happens this time .

Its Raining Its Pouring

well we did lots n lots of things together last month (that i couldn't put up all due to my laziness)
so now i was in a real fix... ammm what should i put up first or should i just post todays activity and leave the rest? but hey we had so much fun in past few weeks n cant skip it all so i thought we might start with the Mirals first "Baiish" on august 3rd

just have a look

actually its not the first "baiish" of her life but first one she trully enjoyed :)
thinking....ammm ...wha should i do with the ball......
seems like she has an idea!
hey jada and beeki y dont u join in too

ammmm.... the camara didnt really capture the rain :(
still we all had great fun as u can see