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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dress Up Fun

(Still no camera no pics ...but I know if I didn't put it down now I'll miss it like many other projects)......edited on 10 aug
Here comes the first costume I made for M's dress up chest ... its simple and fabulous .... and its a great delight to see how my lil one loved her Ballerina Tutu

Here is how to make your own

You'll need

Elastic tape (about 20" long)
Net /organza fabric 4 meters ( I used 2 colors so 2 Meters each)

1. Just measure around your lil one's tummy, and cut an elastic tape 1 1/2 -2 inches less than that2. Stitch the ends and check if it fits3. Fold the fabric till desired length (mine was 18")
4. cut strips 5" wide so that each strip is 36" x 5" . Round the ends if u like
5. Now hold one strip from the middle, slide it under the elastic and loop the ends through it and pull it down .6. Keep going with alternative color strips
7. Put on some Nice music and have fun!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Truly .....Madly in Love

Ya what else it could be..... like an obsessed mom I try to preserve each and every moment of my lil one :) I literally HATE to through away even a single paper that has M's drawings, ya even a even a single line drawn by her is precious to me ,but I know I cant cling to everything and wont possibly be able to keep all the pages that hold the precious journey.
So for fathers day what could be better than something made from my collection of her art and some originals works especially for baba. here is what we did
we made two cards for Baba. I don't remember where did I see this idea first but any way here it is ....I took a small box, cut 6 colored papers that fit into it,(one for each letter) then I cut out bold letters F-A-T-H-E-R, punched and thread them with matching ribbons into a book form and Tadaaaa its ready for M to draw something special for Baba (that's my addition to the original idea that had 6 attributes one for each letter) then we did some collage on the box to match !!!

The second one gave her more freedom as it was a big D and she did some sticker collage, (especially wanted " fish" sticker for her baba that says be mine:) ) some drawings ....have you noticed the OH SO SPECIAL heart on top left...."oh so special" is a new character/stuffed bear on Disney and as we were to make something "special " for baba here it is .... (its kind of funny that it looks more like a heart shape with eyes than the stuffed bear :)

For the gift we made these two way book marks. For this I cut 4 rectangular out of card boards I used 2 different colors that complemented her work. Cut out windows in them leaving 1/2 inch on 3 sides and about 2 inches on one side.Then mounted her artwork between the two pieces. To add the string I punched one hole on top of each one and then using the loop knot added the matching ribbons.

A tool Box (that's still under construction) all painted by M so far.He could also use it to keep the Gifts that he'll receive from her in thats an Idea baba!!!

And M's hand cast it came out nicer than my expectations
anyway while putting M to bed last night I thought of preserving the day with a cast of her Little hand with baba's bigger one I think that would come out real nice It will deserve a new post I believe

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hand Prints

Painting with hands ....and feet is our absolute fav. Here are some fun pics of my shrek :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sayyyyyyy Click

M is taking pics all the time these days so thought to share some here

ya its me and thats her very first one will update more soon

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sand Paper Numbers

M can recognise quite a few numbers and can count up to ten and sometimes more on fingers and when I am in washroom (mixing up seven with seventeen most of the times though) so I thought of introducing the sand paper numbers to her. I made the sand paper numbers using instructions from "Montessori at home ". it was very easy. I used a fine nice sand paper from Irfan's tool drawer traced the numbers on wrong side (reverse the numbers ) cut and paste on 6x6 inches mount board DONE
We counted a lot of things with them from beads to animals (Alas don't have a nice pic right now)
This is our second number recognition game by the way, made the first one for valentines with hearts and chocolate beans and missed introducing ZERO. Now I realize it is as important as any other number :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Daddy I love You ( baba turn you face)

Now that Fathers day is just around the corner next few posts will be dedicated to that I guess. After alot of bowsing found this cute little poem that M and I will sing for most of our times now on the tune of "are you sleeping brother john" hope she'll learn it by the day ...its part of our surprise for baba
Thought it would be nice to share as well :)


Daddy I love you
for all that you do
i'll kiss you and hug you
'cause you love me,too
you feed me and need me
to teach you to play
so smile'cause I love you
on this fathers day (we've changed it to ....Every day)

by nicholas gordon

More fun I deas comming soon :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Free Play / Planned Work

I don't know how many time do I repeat my self but I cant stop wondering how creative the kids could be when left to play on their own and oh the self debate it triggers..... "weather its good or bad to stop them or /and steer them towards the planed activity when they want to use the Montessori material in a different way; other than what they were initially intended to....."

Yesterday while beading these tiny miny beads M started making geometric shapes with them. First of all she surprised me with a diamond shape that she made with 4 beads (I never made any shapes with such stuff ....and a diamond certainly "NOT". Then came circle by adding some more (damn don't have camera all the time....) When I came back with the camera a few min later she was working on this one... any guesses what it is going to be....

Yo its a "tYiangul"that looks like a house :)

any suggestions on the above issue???

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Potty Training Day one

wohoo finally we ventured into the potty training phase.
M is 27 months old and every now and then I find my self wondering if the delay is on my part or hers. Every day I promised my self that this is her last day in diapers and every day I came up with a new excuse I couldn't get myself to take her diapers off for good.So today was the BIG DAY..... 9 accidents and no luck in 10 hours but my hopes are really very high coz after her third or may be forth accident she tried to tell me "mommy washroom mommy washroom" I missed her clue coz and I thought she was looking for me n thinking that I was in washroom :)