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Friday, October 30, 2009

Sunday Surprise!!!

Since its been a week that I have resumed the full time job (that I am loving as much as I loved staying home) and already missed out our Library day twice. Think it would be the weekends that M and I will have are our special,very special time and I have all the intentions to make it I wont be having spare time during the week for crafting and all. So where is all that leading .... yup to our Sunday surprise. I am planning to make something special every week for M it could be a hand made toy, a costume, a dish that we can prepare together, a special visit and activity related to that visit.... hmmm so the horizon is very very vast and anyone can join in no rules and regulation, no boundaries

And now the drum rolls please for our very first Sunday Surprise !!!

Ta daaaaaaaaaa
ya a royal cape and a crown. The length of our cape is a bit short as I made it from a crossroads shopping bag !!! Though M is enjoying it immensely and calls herself a king in this costume. still I need to make a long flowy gown for my princess next I can put up a tutorial if anyone is interested in instructions on how to.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Block Puzzles

Here is one of M's Eid Gift that without a doubt is her favorite
The block puzzles to make pictures of her grand parents and phopho

and to entertain us with the mixed up creations

To make block puzzles

1. I made 4 cuboids by gluing together 3 pieces of cube blocks.

I believe in introducing new concepts and activities step by step so wanted to avoid the CUBE puzzle. It would have been really confusing for a 2.8 to put together a picture cut into 12 small pieces, glued to 12 different cubes on all different sides. The first time around that is a sure road to failure resulting in early disappointments. These early disappointments in ones ability can result into low self esteem. Which I am sure any parent would want to avoid. so the formula is to add on step by step.

Any way back to the tutorial, you can also use wooden blocks if available or if you can get them cut on order.

2. Then I measured the size of the blocks all put together and the size of one block that gave me guidelines to adjust my pictures on photoshop.

3. Then I chose 4 pictures. As you can see these are family pics I would suggest something that your child is familiar or close to that will help increase the attention span.

4. Then I used photoshop to adjust my pictures so they kind of fit together when overlapped

5. Print them

6. Cut and glue on them on the blocks

7. I used contact/sticker sheet to protect the final blocks just measure all around a block that will give you the required length and for width simply measure the broad side of a block. Remove the back sheet slowly as you work your way up the sides. it will take some practise and patience.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Work Work Work

is now mommy's motive or may I say motif ...... its my second day and man am I going nuts from going to one design and then to the other, this color schemes or that???, from home fashion to apparel to kitchen accessories and whats with the funny designs with Rosters Oh have you ever heard of a thing like "bridal formal Apron", Oh God who was the designer and who has chosen and approved those aMMazig designs.... hahaha the world is all going crazy man how were they surviving without ME !!!
And No matter how much I am enjoying this crazyness I am missing my Matto Janiya and our cute lil "ac-tiv-ties".It makes me so so happy when I think about going back home and my lil one will hug me with "I missed U Mommy" and that's why today's post is straight from my office. NO MORE COMPTEER TIME at home from now on, all of that would be Matoo's time!! what do you say to new mom unplugged ? well partially unplugged.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tot Batote....

Guess the first week of our library and what did I find!!! "tot batot "(that's the best I can spell it in English)....It was my fav character from Urdu poems and was I delighted to find it after ages in Library last week. M liked the rhymes and though the illustrations in this book are a bit below average and there are only 4 or 5 images that are irrelevantly placed on random pages, still we love it.... for Sufi Tabassum's gems

so for now we are just relishing our discovery... its amazing to see how everyone at our home is loving it (the poems NOT the book)

Need to find the old version, The one that we had in our personal collection... anyone any Idea

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Marble Painting

M and I did our first marble painting today , yes it was my first ever as well !!! Its simple and fun and now I wonder why did I wait so long to do it ...May be because I was afraid that I wont be able to stop her using/messing up her hands and fingers without being strict to her and that sure is one thing I want to avoid as much as i can. But I also wanted to show her that there ARE DIFFERENT ways to do and enjoy. and I think we pretty much succeeded.
To do it I measure and cut a piece of paper that fits in our cookie sheet, place the paper in then M put the ball on it.(yes we didn't have the marble so I used a small ball and it worked ) then I poured some paint on the ball and gave the cookie sheet to M to shake and move around. kept pouring more color as required and the results .....ammm really nice.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Magic.... Miracle...or What

...... how does this compteer of mine came to life just like that ... it had some serious ya S-E-R-I-O-U-S problem for the last 15-20 days... ammm every since my last post I guess and just because I was Extremely bored and missing the blogging dose I switched it on knowing it wot work and to my sheer joy it switched on Ya just like that and now I am awe stuck as to what to wright
may be about our Eid
about M's Eid gifts and
how did she like them
her new puzzles
our new obsession with smartness
or about the poor birds that Irfan rescued like Diego
and what they might be thinking
after spending a few days in M's house
may be all of them are worth individual posts but later I guess right now me need to catch up on so many things before it collapsed again :)