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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Magic.... Miracle...or What

...... how does this compteer of mine came to life just like that ... it had some serious ya S-E-R-I-O-U-S problem for the last 15-20 days... ammm every since my last post I guess and just because I was Extremely bored and missing the blogging dose I switched it on knowing it wot work and to my sheer joy it switched on Ya just like that and now I am awe stuck as to what to wright
may be about our Eid
about M's Eid gifts and
how did she like them
her new puzzles
our new obsession with smartness
or about the poor birds that Irfan rescued like Diego
and what they might be thinking
after spending a few days in M's house
may be all of them are worth individual posts but later I guess right now me need to catch up on so many things before it collapsed again :)


haroon said...

Neither magic nor miracle its Madness of machines.

Qudsya said...

hahaha ya you are right its madness !!! the compteer has collapsed again and yes without any warnings. Had to come to nano's house to check on my mails :(
by the way mail me you email id