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Friday, October 30, 2009

Sunday Surprise!!!

Since its been a week that I have resumed the full time job (that I am loving as much as I loved staying home) and already missed out our Library day twice. Think it would be the weekends that M and I will have are our special,very special time and I have all the intentions to make it I wont be having spare time during the week for crafting and all. So where is all that leading .... yup to our Sunday surprise. I am planning to make something special every week for M it could be a hand made toy, a costume, a dish that we can prepare together, a special visit and activity related to that visit.... hmmm so the horizon is very very vast and anyone can join in no rules and regulation, no boundaries

And now the drum rolls please for our very first Sunday Surprise !!!

Ta daaaaaaaaaa
ya a royal cape and a crown. The length of our cape is a bit short as I made it from a crossroads shopping bag !!! Though M is enjoying it immensely and calls herself a king in this costume. still I need to make a long flowy gown for my princess next I can put up a tutorial if anyone is interested in instructions on how to.

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