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Saturday, June 29, 2013

M's Fathers day interview 2013....And a free printable

The best thing about blogging is that it keeps you motivated, just looking at the old posts are making my mind spin new Ideas, and it also reminds me of continuing the old ones too. So in continuation of the last year's      ( actually last to last) father's day interview I interviewed her again. Only this time I asked her to write down the answers in the blank blank spaces instead of dictating them to me like yesteryears.Oh yeah I am so proud to announce that My lil baby has started writing! and developing this confidence that  thrills me every time I see a piece written by her. So how can I miss such a fabulous opportunity for her to practice writing ;) And to multiply that excitement I just created a Free printable file of the same for anyone who would want to join in the fun tradition .....
Feel free to use the file above just right click at the picture copy the file to your PC, print and enjoy while I work out to produce and upload a PDF version .... But dont wait!!! try it now.
Its so amazing to see the way their minds grow and their analytical skills develop. This time M described her father more specifically as an "artist" instead of a last years "Man", when i asked isn't he a man? she was like Dah!!! thats obvious mom ( with rolling eyes) while 'the best thing he does'  still remains " plays with me" even after 2 years  :D

Here goes our interview!!! ( in case you are interested in the previous one just scroll down or click the link given above)

My Father's Name..... Irfan
I usually Call Him.... Baba
I really love it when my baba..... plays with me
My baba likes to wear......Striped, patterned and drawned (printed) clothes 
My baba Artist
My baba always tells me......M, I love you too but Im busy  ( baba please Check!!)
The best thing he does and paint
It makes him happy.....when he spends time with me
My baba loves to relax by......working and sleeping
I like it when he......does activities with me
The best thing he makes is.....things and pictures with and for me
My baba's fav. house hold helping me and my mom
My baba likes to materials
The best thing he cooks is....French Toasts
Baba watches on TV.....Urdu 1
With my baba I want to go.... to a park
My fav. activity with my baba is .... making things
My baba's fav. song.....I dont Know ( with lots of sad smilies... I never heard him sing one!!)
If he could go on a trip he would go to...... Hyderabad
I want to tell him.....I love you
I love my baba because.... He is a great father and he loves me too
He loves me because......I am a great daughter (:D)
How do you know he loves you..... he says it!
My baba and I are same because.... we both are artists
My baba and I are different because.....he works, I play 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Welcome back!!!

Welcome back to my self to the blogging world !!!. Who new two years would pass by so quickly, the last post is about shefu's 1st birthday and its time to begin planning her third (by the way the 1st one was a great success .... if we don't count the shortage of snacks :p). what happened meanwhile is a long story and might become a long, boring one too so we'll just skip it for a moment, I am thinking of throwing in and reflecting back on those two years in future posts though ( as flash backs ;) ). For now the future to do list is already pretty loooooooooong. Miss M is going to class 1 in September and Shefu might also start by then, which means we can have whole 2 months of fun filled activities with both.
For M we've started already with Salt dough and and shefu's getting better each day with her shape sorter. Next in the line is "Tangram" and a "Bird Feeder" for M and pattern matching activity for Shefu. :) - pics later.