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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Welcome back!!!

Welcome back to my self to the blogging world !!!. Who new two years would pass by so quickly, the last post is about shefu's 1st birthday and its time to begin planning her third (by the way the 1st one was a great success .... if we don't count the shortage of snacks :p). what happened meanwhile is a long story and might become a long, boring one too so we'll just skip it for a moment, I am thinking of throwing in and reflecting back on those two years in future posts though ( as flash backs ;) ). For now the future to do list is already pretty loooooooooong. Miss M is going to class 1 in September and Shefu might also start by then, which means we can have whole 2 months of fun filled activities with both.
For M we've started already with Salt dough and and shefu's getting better each day with her shape sorter. Next in the line is "Tangram" and a "Bird Feeder" for M and pattern matching activity for Shefu. :) - pics later.

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