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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

For David

( the title should /could be "FOR IRFAN" as well )

Ok Now that really is a record for me ......, and this post is a responce to David from "The Technition" , First of all thanks for joining you are very welcome here. you really are a motivational........ ammmm "element"/ Spirit or whatever is the right word :)
its my 4th post in a row actually I was reading your blog and wanted to publish a comment there but it had some problem the comment page/box didn't open up. Just wanted to say that your last post really is Inspiring and it made me think what am I doing for the person I love Most?No I am not talking about M. Its Irfan my hubby dear and Best Friend :) waisai its difficult to tell "whom do I love Most ..Daughter or her father......??? or may be my 2 brothers and my parents..... Hmmm Can we measure and compare love :-? But Missy that still doesn't excuse you from answering the question. What do I do for Irfan? to show my Love, appreciation and all ?I think I do need to put some more effort and get up early, at least he deserves a decent breakfast !!!!
And then What about the others.....................

Another cool ...NO, Coolest Find

Ok ok that's not like me... I know 3 posts in one day but i have to save and share this link for sure these guys have such cool ingenious stuff... i am simply drooling LOL. just check this out
for more creative options. These are so simple and most of us (Designers/Artists) use it off and on.... I have just suggested a packing of some painting with these kind of cards yesterday But it never occured to me that they could turn into such amazing toys with just a bit of color and thought of course ...Wow sure gonna make some one day.

So ...Many....Mine

Actually it was "So Many Mine!!!!" (With a squeal of delight)
Two days ago M was playing, (yup playing not drawing or coloring) with her pencils, she just loves to open up and then roll back her pencil roll.So she opened it up and touching one pencil said "thish ish a mine" then touched another pencil looked at me "o thishish a mine" (this is mine) and the looking at all of them "Oooo So MANY mine!!! mommy SO MANY MINE "

Now a days she is experimenting with words and joining two or three words into sentences so usually its like filling in the blanks all day. "Horsey.... horse ?" (with a certain gesture) means where is the horse? and then "Oooo horsey"..... Means here it is :) so this means she wants to play hide and seek with her toy animals
"baby Goddy mommy goddy" means mommy please take this baby (some one elses) into your lap and keep him with you
Cant help but love my lil bee thats buzzing all the day now.

We eee Did It!!!

Its cute... Its Cute.... IT IS CUTE..... even if i have to say so myself:)
and it took me solid 7 hours to make it.... ( i am working on a manual machine, without any templates/patterns and after 12 years... remember!!! )
Although the picture doesn't do justice to it, ( the picture is not of a very good quality as its from Irfan's Mobile) The model is not in the right mood either as baba was just home after a long day at studio and she wanted to play cricket while showing off her "baby chef" (thats the name for this hat ) LOL and there are other billion reasons i cant submit it to any award giving blog LOLs (which i think i'll never be able to ) reason being my love of shooting and uploading pics from an angle that clearly shows my lil ones expressions.... cant help it I just love to document her reactions and as they say an action is better than a million words (or something like this) .
So my "home economics" as they call it worked again and I created this pair without downloading any templates, So can you its pretty basic
I did a thorough research before starting one....ya my Montessori love :)
And M is can to put this on and off on her own with ease. It has velcro fasting on stretchable waist band and the neck loop is also stretchable.
i'll sure put up a few more pics later today.... it does deserve a better shoot ;) ok

* pics edited on 4th April

Monday, March 9, 2009

I Love My Lil Helper

M and I made french toast today and yum yum yum they were Deeeelicious !!!
obviously I did the frying but M poured all the wet and dry stuff and mixy mixy mixy... She didn't like the idea of soaking the bread though coz it obviously hinders her mixing delight
and that reminds me of making an Apron and chefs hat for her ....... oops I am pretty LAZY

pics later!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

An Old Love Affair

Now that I am home on a long long vacation my long lost love with sewing has started to surface again and the best part is that just like with the bicycle once you know how to you can not forget it. As a kid I enjoyed making little dresses for my dolls, bows and flowers for my clips and headbands. There was a time when I was always making something out of scraps and rags, then when I went to Homic I loved making more challenging Patchworks than the rest of the class. And then there came a long long gap ...for almost 12 years in which I didn't do any serious or non serious sewing and there was no particular reason
And now this Blogging world has once again motivated me to dust my skills and machine (that's my sister in law's) and it was very refreshing. ever since I saw a baby apron at chasing cheerios i wanted one for M and a few weeks earlier I saw this crayon roll project at my Montessori journey and instantly went to try it as it looked very very easy and yes it came out really nice . That encouraged me to indulge into a few more projects and yesterday I Bought these lovely fabrics to start with, have a look aren't they prettyAnd while I am trying my hand on stitching how could M not follow me so she is practicing her hand on sewing her beads ;)
Moreover I have cut up M's old dresses ( the once that I saved just for the purpose) and these are manly from the second year, to make a memory / I spy quilt. Here is my first attempt to arrange them but I am sure it will turn out a bit different coz I have a few surprises :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stringing Beads

Finally i found a solution to create a Lacing /Stringing beads. I couldn't find them here in local toy stores and cant order from amazon. I saw this cool salt dough bead necklace at slugs on the refrigerator through crafty crow today and instantly I was like OK that's my solution . they are big, chunky,fun and easy to make. M definitely helped me made these big beads though hers were just flat chapatis :) the recipe is here.I painted them individually with acrylic paints.Now that the beads are done my next problem was to find a lacing needle and the solution!!! yes my simple hair pin with a spool and one bead tied at one end!
It was fun and I was amazed how quickly M got the hang of it...only a few tries and NO MOMMY in the room did the trick ;)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lazy Blogger

Yup that's me!!! despite the fact that my computer is always logged in and I am on net whenever I get time, I couldn't publish my own posts...
Well there are two main reasons first "I am not a writer... its very difficult for me to put things/thoughts in words (ya written words) and essentially I am a "reader" (if its a proper word) I LOVE reading and cant help it (even have books in my bathroom) and this leads to my second reason, "There are so many creative, inspirational blogs that just needs to be read and it took so much of my time and energies that I find it hard to write anything.
And still I am doing it :) Yes coz i know if I don't do it, there is no other way I could document anything at all and I want to keep some kind of a journal for M....Her first year scrap book is still laying somewhere in my cupboards (yes I am LAZY)