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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So ...Many....Mine

Actually it was "So Many Mine!!!!" (With a squeal of delight)
Two days ago M was playing, (yup playing not drawing or coloring) with her pencils, she just loves to open up and then roll back her pencil roll.So she opened it up and touching one pencil said "thish ish a mine" then touched another pencil looked at me "o thishish a mine" (this is mine) and the looking at all of them "Oooo So MANY mine!!! mommy SO MANY MINE "

Now a days she is experimenting with words and joining two or three words into sentences so usually its like filling in the blanks all day. "Horsey.... horse ?" (with a certain gesture) means where is the horse? and then "Oooo horsey"..... Means here it is :) so this means she wants to play hide and seek with her toy animals
"baby Goddy mommy goddy" means mommy please take this baby (some one elses) into your lap and keep him with you
Cant help but love my lil bee thats buzzing all the day now.

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