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Thursday, March 5, 2009

An Old Love Affair

Now that I am home on a long long vacation my long lost love with sewing has started to surface again and the best part is that just like with the bicycle once you know how to you can not forget it. As a kid I enjoyed making little dresses for my dolls, bows and flowers for my clips and headbands. There was a time when I was always making something out of scraps and rags, then when I went to Homic I loved making more challenging Patchworks than the rest of the class. And then there came a long long gap ...for almost 12 years in which I didn't do any serious or non serious sewing and there was no particular reason
And now this Blogging world has once again motivated me to dust my skills and machine (that's my sister in law's) and it was very refreshing. ever since I saw a baby apron at chasing cheerios i wanted one for M and a few weeks earlier I saw this crayon roll project at my Montessori journey and instantly went to try it as it looked very very easy and yes it came out really nice . That encouraged me to indulge into a few more projects and yesterday I Bought these lovely fabrics to start with, have a look aren't they prettyAnd while I am trying my hand on stitching how could M not follow me so she is practicing her hand on sewing her beads ;)
Moreover I have cut up M's old dresses ( the once that I saved just for the purpose) and these are manly from the second year, to make a memory / I spy quilt. Here is my first attempt to arrange them but I am sure it will turn out a bit different coz I have a few surprises :)

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