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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

For David

( the title should /could be "FOR IRFAN" as well )

Ok Now that really is a record for me ......, and this post is a responce to David from "The Technition" , First of all thanks for joining you are very welcome here. you really are a motivational........ ammmm "element"/ Spirit or whatever is the right word :)
its my 4th post in a row actually I was reading your blog and wanted to publish a comment there but it had some problem the comment page/box didn't open up. Just wanted to say that your last post really is Inspiring and it made me think what am I doing for the person I love Most?No I am not talking about M. Its Irfan my hubby dear and Best Friend :) waisai its difficult to tell "whom do I love Most ..Daughter or her father......??? or may be my 2 brothers and my parents..... Hmmm Can we measure and compare love :-? But Missy that still doesn't excuse you from answering the question. What do I do for Irfan? to show my Love, appreciation and all ?I think I do need to put some more effort and get up early, at least he deserves a decent breakfast !!!!
And then What about the others.....................


David said...


Irfan has a loving family and that is the best thing for a young person. There are so many little ones out on the streets. I know its hard to imagine but in my city the homeless level is ten thousand. Some children are greatful for a home and good food to eat. Just teach all the things that you have been taught. We are all disciples of our faith.

PS Thanks for telling me about my comment area.

Your Friend,

David The Technician

Qudsya said...

Thanks David,
but Irfan is my Husband :) "Miral" is my lil girl, here I usually use her initial M, and your comment area still needs to be fixed.

David said...


What does your husband do for a living? I have hobbies to keep me busy when not at work. Does Irfan have other events that he likes to attend. It is a good thing to be a wonderful provider but you must have some fun too.