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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We eee Did It!!!

Its cute... Its Cute.... IT IS CUTE..... even if i have to say so myself:)
and it took me solid 7 hours to make it.... ( i am working on a manual machine, without any templates/patterns and after 12 years... remember!!! )
Although the picture doesn't do justice to it, ( the picture is not of a very good quality as its from Irfan's Mobile) The model is not in the right mood either as baba was just home after a long day at studio and she wanted to play cricket while showing off her "baby chef" (thats the name for this hat ) LOL and there are other billion reasons i cant submit it to any award giving blog LOLs (which i think i'll never be able to ) reason being my love of shooting and uploading pics from an angle that clearly shows my lil ones expressions.... cant help it I just love to document her reactions and as they say an action is better than a million words (or something like this) .
So my "home economics" as they call it worked again and I created this pair without downloading any templates, So can you its pretty basic
I did a thorough research before starting one....ya my Montessori love :)
And M is can to put this on and off on her own with ease. It has velcro fasting on stretchable waist band and the neck loop is also stretchable.
i'll sure put up a few more pics later today.... it does deserve a better shoot ;) ok

* pics edited on 4th April

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Aww it's adorable! I also love the color combination you used!