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Friday, November 28, 2008

First Portrait

This morning M surprised us with this drawing of this absolutely cute face, what was more interesting was that she named each part as she drew.... I..eys ( eyes) "mouth" and "Ed" head and finally "FACE"Well yes Irfan drew a lot of simple objects that she recognises most of them immediately like the other day he drew two wheels and a triangle and M cried "CikhaAl" (bicycle). A child's profile is also visible in the upper half of the page with M's rendering ofcourse :) Yet non of us has ever asked her to draw anything specifically exept for the eyes coz she always draw these small spirals and cal them eyes.... so i didnt really pay attention first when she said Ieyes... but was totally awestruck when i saw what she was doing
And when the drawing was finished she had to color it ...right!!! so these strokes are actually an attempt to "colol" (color)ruined my immediate plans of getting it framed :(

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One New Addition

to M's Toy chest is this3 colorful wires threaded with multicolored wooden beads I guess its best for fine and gross motor skills and also an unexpected trigger for her imagination.... i was surprised when i heard wruummmm WRrrRummm... wRUUUm..... coming from M... Oh my!! she was pretending these beads as cars on road or at least it appears so :) but what ever it was , it really was a shock!
she has also started recognising and naming some colors pPhink is always accompanied by Ello (yellow)
She even loved its bigger model in the shop but i am obviously content with this lil one :) Serving its purpose right I guess.

M's Basket Ball

Irfan introduced this "basket ball" game to M a few days ago and she is so much into it that this laundry basket is now M's favorite toy :)

well we didn't actually "made" anything its just giving a new meaning to the same old stuff at hand..... the game is multi layered, we take turns , or else M plays alone we can set a spot to through the ball from a distance or she can just pop the ball in at the count of 3.... its what i call creative hehe... its Fun and its Free!!

Round Up of a crazy month

So here we are after a whole month... whole month of craziness....
college... trips to market and tailor and adda walas and again college..... assignments.. and get together and to top it all the craziness of being a mom
Never the less it was a month full of fun, will put up pictures about that from time to time (ya I am planning to update this post from time to time) so keep popping in for wedding pics and a whole lot of activities from this month!!