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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Toddler Theme Thursday

Although i know we are late for this post but here is the account of our very first toddler theme Thursday with "black and white animals" never the less.
We overlooked the animal part for most of the time. Despite the fact that she is a great painter M doesn't know the names of the colors except for ED * red* and i think this week's theme is a great way to introduce the names of the two colors, " white" and "black" .
To start with I kept pointing out at things that are in either black or white from time to time and this eventually turned into an i spy kind of a game with asking which color is which"

Then came the part that M liked best "Drawing " yes with black and white or rather white ON black. For this I used a black textured chart paper and white chalk the only thing that M didn't like was the chalk being broken again and again our "black an white" master piece

The third activity was more of my satisfaction than hers :) we did lacing for that .... YES Finally we made a lacing penguin!!! I was waiting for an opportunity to introduce lacing/sewing to her and it was fun. The procedure is simple I drew a penguin,round pot bellied work for me (you can get thousand templates on line if you want!!!) according to that drawing I marked and cut one large and one small black circle, one medium size white circle, two wings in black and two white circles for eyes one triangle for beak and two feet in yellow.Then came gluing n pasting and for the first time M was introduced to glue (mommy's pride she didn't try to eat IT!!!) i glued them all on a mount board the outline of penguin is then cut into mount board and finally the wholes were punched all around the outer edge. The white shoe lace completed it off... simple ! As we were doing lacing/sewing for the first time M couldn't follow the sequence and it was taking her ages to pass the lace from single whole :) so a lot of praising goes with it and she didn't bother to complete the circle either..... but that's Fine I guess!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Transferring Lentils 10-17-08

It is a saved draft from last month that i am putting up now

Introduced this work to M today and i was quiet sure that she'll like it as she likes to transfer her food form one dish to other and to her glass during lunch times.

she did prety good job for 10-15 min. but after that the lentils were all over the place as was expected :)
though she is pretty well at coordination we'll sure do it again its a lot of fun for her and she still needs to practice her learned skills

Saturday, October 11, 2008

An Amazing Blog

hi guys I have found yet another exiting blog on kids activities .... mind you its not toddler stuff but our younger siblings or older kids will definitely love this one there are so many mind stimulating activities ,in fact i think even I can give it a try, looks like a lot of fun. Its called "Think " and yes it will make u THINK . Just check it out

First Patterns

I think this one doesnt need any explanation!! like drawing blocks are part of our daily routine (Infact they are almost always out)

These pictures were taken on sept,18th 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Messy Messy Vege Printing or is it Painting ???

well i need to consult the so called gatekeepers of ART for that ............. na don't have time for that crap so be it art or craft it works for me either way :)
master piece
It was our last fun Activity on Eid Day before M went to bed it started off pretty neat with simple blocks made out of veges. I wont go into the details coz everyone knows how to do it. the new thing was the color pads I didn't want regular stamp pad as they come in the most boring color of all so I created two stamp pads of my own. for this we just needed two poster colors and some spare cotton fabric and of course two plates. Initially I used tissue paper to make the pads they are important to control the runny paint but it didn't work out properly then I tried out some waste fabric folded into small pad and WOW it was amazing. it soaked the color so well and didn't tear and didn't dry out as fast as the tissue. Then I showed M how to put the veges block first into the stamp pad and then onto the paper; One... Two... Three... (dip dip dip)... on paper! but for M it was more fun with One... Two... Three... (dip dip dip) ... and on paper paper paper paper..... till all the color came out It went on for quiet some time till M decided to paint with the pads as well and then with her hands :) it was messy but FUNwell the artist is signing her work .... hehe she cant help drawing with the pen

but i sure need to get her an apron soon :/

First Day Of Eid

This post is exclusive for the Eid Day Activities and the one and only goal was to have fun! and a lot of dressing up too ;)
sorry I didn't take the photos kind of step by step but it sure was fun watching M today. Her getting Dressed so early and so enthusiastically. For First Day Of Eid she had a gharara set complete with bead work,matching bangles,earrings, a cute dupatta, and matching silver sandals..... what more could a Lil girl ask for ( well she didn't even ask for this :p It was All Mommy's fancy come on ITS HER SECOND EID )

and the missing items were filled in by her cute friends Ummiya and Rayha who gave her a cute lil bag and this very pretty necklace with some stick on hair accessories ( which sadly didn't stick to her short and unruly hair). What amazed us most was that throughout the day she didn't once ask to remove any of the accessories so i assume that like all silly girls she likes to dress up :)
she even took her morning nap all dressed up !!!
and here is a fun picture to complete it all, M is obsessed with mirrors and tooth brush these days so after dressing up she thought it might be a good idea to brush her teeth...... (well in front of the mirror it didn't seem that a bad Idea ...kyoon Miral) lol then in afternoon we went to visit nana, nano and hassan mamoon here are some shots in their

At Nana's place we did a lot of bird watching, building blocks loads, loads of baby TV the best of all was counting and building towers with Apples !!!

we wound up our day with a very interesting block / vege printing that we tried for the first time but that deserves a separate post so

Happy Eid To All !!!