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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First Day Of Eid

This post is exclusive for the Eid Day Activities and the one and only goal was to have fun! and a lot of dressing up too ;)
sorry I didn't take the photos kind of step by step but it sure was fun watching M today. Her getting Dressed so early and so enthusiastically. For First Day Of Eid she had a gharara set complete with bead work,matching bangles,earrings, a cute dupatta, and matching silver sandals..... what more could a Lil girl ask for ( well she didn't even ask for this :p It was All Mommy's fancy come on ITS HER SECOND EID )

and the missing items were filled in by her cute friends Ummiya and Rayha who gave her a cute lil bag and this very pretty necklace with some stick on hair accessories ( which sadly didn't stick to her short and unruly hair). What amazed us most was that throughout the day she didn't once ask to remove any of the accessories so i assume that like all silly girls she likes to dress up :)
she even took her morning nap all dressed up !!!
and here is a fun picture to complete it all, M is obsessed with mirrors and tooth brush these days so after dressing up she thought it might be a good idea to brush her teeth...... (well in front of the mirror it didn't seem that a bad Idea ...kyoon Miral) lol then in afternoon we went to visit nana, nano and hassan mamoon here are some shots in their

At Nana's place we did a lot of bird watching, building blocks loads, loads of baby TV the best of all was counting and building towers with Apples !!!

we wound up our day with a very interesting block / vege printing that we tried for the first time but that deserves a separate post so

Happy Eid To All !!!


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