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Friday, September 19, 2008

Temperamental Differences

Today I want to share few very interesting articles regarding behavioral development and its effects. I believe that Parents feel more effective as they more fully understand and appreciate their child's unique personality because it appears that "When parents understand how their child responds to certain situations, they an learn to anticipate issues that might present difficulties for their child. They can prepare the child for the situation or in other cases they may avoid a potentially difficult situation all together".I accidentally came across this article "Different Strokes for Different Folks" while searching for toddler development (though this article is originally posted in tween and teens label and as a mom of a 19 months old I hardly go to areas labeled with age groups above preschoolers.)
And this was so fascinating that i actually ended up searching for the "9 temperamental traits"
and then their are other titles like coping with your child's personality in the same page that are really helpful!

happy parenting!!

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