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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Little Cook's First Dish

I am not so sure if these come into junkies or what but M and I are in love with these instant noodles these days .
This is one dish that M loves to help me with. Whenever i ask her if she wants to help me prepare noodles she has this cute smile on her face that is accompanied by the continuous nodes throughout. this is how it goes......
first thing first..... the ingredients

one pack of 2 min noodles
1 & 1/2 cup water
and some cooked chicken or veggies (if M allows)

First Mommy opens the packet and divides the whole noodle cake into two then its M's turn to break it into small pieces (mom helps with this too)

then comes the best part we drop the small noodle pieces into water !!! (cold) and M can do it for ages at a stretch ( i simply have to end it with a polite that's enough thank you thingie)
then M usually takes a bath and practice her pouring skills once again while mom cooks and add some seasoning &veggies/chicken
last night she relaxed on her favorite spot and waited for the noodles to cool down

and finally its time for our hard earned meal on her beloved cushion :)

**I still need to get her a few kitchen aids!!!

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