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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Latest Additions

Some new additions to M's picture book library, I got three of them from "Readings" just for Rs.145 !!! the other two " Nickel Nackel Tree and Over in the Meadow " (M's favorite) also came from a second hand book store just for Rs.100. and wow all of them are as good as new and M has the pleasure to select them !!

provides plenty of visual stimulation to M, we talk about the birds and fish and stars and frogs and God know what not.....its an amazing world and M loves to look at pictures and point out at her beloved friends...." shish"," khat" (cat), "boiii" (ball), "sttah"(star), "buurrds" birds.......

and it needs a lot of stamina and patience to read "over in the meadow" some 20 or 30 times in a row, and then again "shish" buurrrds".......

She loves the fish and the Ducks best

the funny thing is that no matter how much i appreciate her love of books i end up hiding end the session ;)

happy reading :)

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Melissa said...

You found some great books! O loves the Pat the Bunny books, too. She would spend ALL day reading if I would let her, and she once convinced my mom to keep reading until they'd read 108 books in one day! Crazy!