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Friday, August 22, 2008

Crumpled Collage

I was planing to do a collage activity with M for quite some time now. I got the basic idea for this collage from Mellisa's Blog "chasing cheerios". Had bought the transparent sticker sheet weeks ago but last night when we finally get down to do it....
.....BOOOinGG !!! This is Our final product !!! :)
tried fixing the sticker sheet (sticky side up) on floor ....NO!
Irfan suggested hanging it up will add interest as it will bring her attention to the fact that things (tissue papers) are actually sticking to it and not falling down but..... NO!!!
She was more interested in the masking tape i used to fix the back of sticker sheet to fish tank :)and then all of a sudden she realises that the sheet is sticking IT EVEN STICKS TO MY HANDS!!!And all the other things in room so here it is OUR VERY FIRST CRUMPELED COLLAGE !!HeHe we'll sure try it in another few days .

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teachingtinytots said...

cute! love that she liked the maksing tape more!