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Monday, August 18, 2008

From M's sketch book

Drawing is one activity that we do on daily basis right from the day M started holding a pencil (with her whole hand ofcourse) after a day or two we bought her chubby crayons, and to this day this is one activity that kept her interest for such a long long time (only Legos and books are in a close competition.....)She is ready to indulge in it at any time, any where

so here are a few glimpses from her sketchbook

lets start with the older ones
the first one that is on record :) from Jan 5 2008 when M was 11 months old This is the only one with date may be I was too excited and now its a norm :( i think i should still keep a record with dates and all Its fun looking back at the progress..... Nahi??
I encircled the tea stain on upper right corner so dont get too impressed :)

wow....... can see the grip and controll after a just few months practice

We still have to encourage her to use different colors , mostly she is contented with any one given color and starts chewing the other one !!!

hope u never loose ur interest!!!

happy Drawing Miral !!!

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Melissa said...

Very nice! I need to get a sketchbook for O :)