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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Finger Paints (25th July)

Last month we had 3 fun painting sessions, (these pics are from the 2nd one)we made the finger paints using the easiest recipe that I learned from some toddler site ( cant remember the name now but thanks to that site any way) for this Miral helped me mix plain flour with water and food colors (we just had red and green)Mixing was fun in its own and M was really delighted doing just that but we moved on once i showed her how we use it on paper. I stripped M to her diaper and we are all ready for the action!
This time we also invited a few friends to join us and they also enjoyed the finger paints

M's master strokes
these were "Finger" Paints but M liked using Brushes and Spoons for her painting and she can't keep herself to just that 20 x 30 inches sheet so she was all over the plastic sheet that was to protect the carpet.
curious that she never used the two colors together... soon we'll try again and see what happens this time .


Anonymous said...

You know i just loooove the way you allow her to be a kid !!!!!!!!

Getting dirty and having fun is what its all about.....


Qudsya said...

thanks Shan but y did u comment as i dont know if u'll get my replay or not :(