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Friday, February 27, 2009

A Blog A Day

Every day I find at least one new blog that blows my head away with its creativity, simplicity and very recently i found this blog and so so much in love with Montessori!!! she has explained each and every aspect of Montessori in the best way possible and all the down loadable templates ....simply mind blowing.
I have been planing to make an apron and a small I spy quilt for M but the first thing that actually stimulated me to do some machine work was her lil crayon roll while it was very simple I felt no need to search for a tutorial and I used fabric from my bedlinen stash. It came out pretty nice for the first try (only that it had 11 pockets instead of 12)
Now that its done I am planning to keep it for my own pencils/pens and make another one for M with one main change, I want to add up Velcro instead of the ribbon ties (though the ribbon sure looks nice) because I think that Velcro will make it more age appropriate for M as it will give her opportunity to open and close up the roll after using the crayons all by herself.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Aint gona paint no more!!!

This week's reading theme challenge was "I Ain't gonna paint no more" ... and yes as expected we didn't get this book either, its about a boy who (just like M) loves to paint and cant resist the MESS. The book we find and read instead was "The Magic Paint box" its a very interesting book that sure triggers the imagination as all the things have colors from this boys imagination and he sure loves to paint with his magic paint brush So the first activity we did was painting... yup plain simple painting..... to her heart's content (I wonder what she was thinking while putting and mixing up all those colors, the other day after a few random strokes she declared that its a monkey) And let me tell you she really REALLY is a messy painter and ever since I tried to take her hand prints, painting her hands became an essential part of painting Here is her master piece...what do u think it is?
Then next morning she painted bread for a colorful snack that was consumed mostly by me and Irfan :) I read a few negative comments about food colors on net but I was not worried about a tiny miny droplet of food color. I was only worried that she might try to eat other paints afterwards as she is still too young to differentiate between food color and regular paint but thank God she had a very clear idea that "we don't eat our paint" and my painter was only interested in painting. She hardly took a bite of painted bread.The paint is made by simply mixing 2 drops of food color in 2 Tbs Milk. M was pretty messy with this too. She tried to paint the bread just like her canvas (all the paint and all the colors go to just one spot) The best thing about this paints is that when you toast the bread it becomes even brighterThen in the evening we painted some more and ended up our day in a messy messy bath with bathtub crayons!!!
the recipe just follows

For bath tub crayons all you need is:

1 cup soap flacks
1 Tbs vegetable oil
3-4 Tbs water
2-3 food colors ( about 1/2 tsp each)
wax paper

To make:

1. Heat up the soap flakes oil and water in a saucepan on low heat
stir constantly
2. When the mixture becomes a bit thick add food color
3. Remove from heat and pour the contents on a plate to cool a bit
then kneed it for few minutes
4. Now give any shape that u or your lil one prefers
5. Wrap them in wax paper
6. Put them in the fridge to harden at least for a hour

you can store these in a fridge for at least 2 -3 weeks

go ahead and make a mess!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Yesterday M and I enjoyed painting on canvas.It was the first time that i introduced acrylics and canvas to her.She handled the medium pretty well it was very sweet that she arranged all the color tubes on mat while I was getting the other stuff ready. We started off with two 1x1 feet canvases I gave one to M and painted a green background on the other one. M just loves mixing things up so its was the same brush that went in each color and the same spot that was painted over and over in circles.I think she was fascinated by the mixing and the way it turned into a new color. Funny thing is that she can't resist water actually she tried to paint only with water so I had to remove it. Then came painting with her hands. What I initially intended were canvases with her hand prints one with her painted background as she has just turned 2 and another one with coconut tree for chicka chicka boom boom theme challenge and ended up with these which no doubt are even cuter. She is now obsessed with the idea of painting her hands and printing them

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Color Sorting

Now that I just started getting worried about her color senses M finally displayed very good sense of color. Actually she never seemed interested in colors, while drawing she just picks up one color pencil or whatever medium and keeps on drawing with that and when I name any color she seemed oblivious or started reciting all the names that come to her mind. She never seemed interested in color sorting activities and today when I presented her with 4 plates with Red, Blue Yellow and green papers pasted in them and a tray full of colored balls (to my relief) she quickly sorted them out and she even named the colors :)
I think all the information was getting into that Little brain all that time but the "Balls" -her ultimate favorites- triggered it off. I read it on some Blog a while ago that the best way to introduce an activity is to incorporate the kids favorite theme/object with it now i am fully convinced :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

M's Second Birth Day

Two days ago we celebrated M's 2nd Birthday. This year M had a Very Simple Birthday yet we all had as much fun.the day before BDay we were in the market till midnight searching for a perfect gift for our Sweet Heart and guess what we've Got? Yep its her fav. play house/tent from Beeka khala and a pack of 100 balls (to go in the tent) Plus an inflatable bop Bag in shape of gorilla from mommy and baba.Next day in the after noon we took M to Park. Today Flowers were the center of her attention and my!! were they Lovely! she simply didn't seem to get enough of them, just like a cute little butterfly fluttering from one pot to the other, from one flower bed to the other On the other hand she was not at all interested (I suspect she was scared) of climbing up the slide she only wanted to slide down so baba and Hassan Mamoo kept on putting her on the top and WhEEEHhhh .... she was as happy as can be to slide own again and again... what else could we do after all it was "Her Day"Then in the evening we went to Nano's ( that's my mom) and celebrated the big day with cake and some snacks. Amazingly for the first time M tried to blow the candles on her own Baba just suggested it, no one pushed her as she is scared of burning candles,( and loved to eat wax when they are not lit...even got a time out on this recently). and she kept on singing the Birthday song :)Nana jan and Nani Jan gifted her a tricycle ( actually that was cash for a tricycle obviously we have to chose it) then she played with her all time favorites blocks till we came back late night.