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Saturday, February 7, 2009

M's Second Birth Day

Two days ago we celebrated M's 2nd Birthday. This year M had a Very Simple Birthday yet we all had as much fun.the day before BDay we were in the market till midnight searching for a perfect gift for our Sweet Heart and guess what we've Got? Yep its her fav. play house/tent from Beeka khala and a pack of 100 balls (to go in the tent) Plus an inflatable bop Bag in shape of gorilla from mommy and baba.Next day in the after noon we took M to Park. Today Flowers were the center of her attention and my!! were they Lovely! she simply didn't seem to get enough of them, just like a cute little butterfly fluttering from one pot to the other, from one flower bed to the other On the other hand she was not at all interested (I suspect she was scared) of climbing up the slide she only wanted to slide down so baba and Hassan Mamoo kept on putting her on the top and WhEEEHhhh .... she was as happy as can be to slide own again and again... what else could we do after all it was "Her Day"Then in the evening we went to Nano's ( that's my mom) and celebrated the big day with cake and some snacks. Amazingly for the first time M tried to blow the candles on her own Baba just suggested it, no one pushed her as she is scared of burning candles,( and loved to eat wax when they are not lit...even got a time out on this recently). and she kept on singing the Birthday song :)Nana jan and Nani Jan gifted her a tricycle ( actually that was cash for a tricycle obviously we have to chose it) then she played with her all time favorites blocks till we came back late night.

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