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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spontaneity, Imagination and Cuteness

I sometimes just marvel at the imagination and quick/spontaneous responses of very young kids. The other day while we were still in Hyderabad, two of M's cousins A and F , 4 and 3 yrs old were playing house. Now A was "mommy" and F was her baby when suddenly the younger one, F, said "OK now I'll be mommy and you'll be "Daddi Amma" (grand ma ) that was quite funny in its own as she didn't ask the other one to be her baby probably coz she is older but A's spontaneous response was hilarious ... She was quick to point out "Oh I am not THAT old"
On our way back from Hyderabad (on 1st Feb.) M also kept us well entertained she pretended all sorts of things we had My shawl tied to the opposite ends of a bunk to make our house and then M got these empty boxes, one on each hand and declared they were Mittens and 2 days later this wooden trunk in college was her horshiii, the turned up part in front does look like an animals head with an eye ain't it

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