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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vacations!!! Finally

After two very very hectic weeks finally we are free and at M's grand parents in Hyderabad for vacation and M is having a blast. A new place , full time available parents, grand ma to appreciate and praise each and every utterance, so many cousins of her age (to play and Fight), open out doors, birds, cats, "baby cows", and dogs and sheep and what not!!! WoW ! so M sure is busy and very very happy :)

As for me I am even happier as i got two books that I longed for, the first one is "Letters for Emily " by Camron Wright . I so desperately wanted this so that i can pass it on to M when she grows old ... Ya it sure is that type of a book...only that i am not sure at what age should i give it to her ? well i guess i have plenty of time to decide that. The second one is "Teaching Montessori in the home" by Elizabeth G. Hainstock again I wanted this for M ( that's pretty obvious) I read its review online and it appeared to be a great book on homeschooling basics but the actual book is even better than my expectations.

Sanam, My sister in Law bought these for me on my request as I could never possibly find them here in Pakistan and the shipping charges were much too higher than the original price so i wouldn't ever dare to order them online..... A big Thank you to Sanam... I love you for this :)

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