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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

OK so here is the first post of the new year :) so customarily it should be a round up of last month or last year ....but No the first post of new year is dedicated to my beloved friend who left us earlier last month. Though I planned to post at least one entry per day in December but the tragic death of my best friend and cousin Saira on the 7th of Dec. upset every thing..... I don't even have words to express my feelings, and though after a week or so we returned to our routine but still nothing is same.... I miss her every second of my life.Alas I don't have any of her pictures on this PC :(
And despite the fact that I logged on to my blog and kept a follow up of all the blogs that i love to read and learned so so much, still I don't know why I never manage to write a single post.

Now that its the 1st day of New year I just wanted to thank her for all the happiness she brought in our lives, She was a Perfect friend, perfect sister best Khala to M and the Best Girl i have ever known. We calibrated this new year remembering her so do i want to start the blogging year


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