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Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Reading Theme Challenge: The Mitten

The first reading theme challenge of the year gave me the inspiration to make my second home made book for M. I found this simple version online and I am still working on Our book as i didn't want to simply print and bind it, will post about our book once its done so stay tuned.
Meanwhile I introduced the mittens to M by getting her a pair with cute lil bunnies on them. She hated mittens as an infant so we were not sure about her reaction this time... but to our surprise she simply LOVED them. so much so that now our "MetOons" are a constant with her :) also our lil "anomOls" can take shelter in them just like the story!!That gave me the clue to make a memory game !!! I am planning to make 5/6 pouches in form of mittens with an animal's paw's picture pasted in the front.I think it would be fun watching M making a guess about the animal inside. Lets see how long she takes to make a link between an animal and his paw print.The other activity that we created for this theme and put out every day is "match the mitten". I made 4 pairs of mitten M decorated them with her favorite mickey mouse stickers and we are ready to play. Instead of plain sorting into pairs of same color M loves to mix'n' match and count them.

please note that the theme continues till the end of this week so we still have 3 days!!! and that means more Mitten Activities :)


Anonymous said...

what a great week! she sounds soo cute! can't wait to see the book!

lara said...

Oh, why didn't I think about making a memory mitten game? Cute ideas!

Professional Mommy said...

Cute ideas!