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Friday, August 30, 2013

The Egg Heads

Hey!! meet our cute little  Eggie
The idea for this fun activity was actually generated by a surprise growth of bajra /pearl millet in our back yard where we wash the food tray for our chicks. We made our bald egg head; Eggie and then his parents ( to keep him company) on 28th august 2013 and today after two days all have started growing hair ;) 
Here is our Eggie with its parents  !!!

This is one activity that really really engaged M :) If you love them as much as we do here is a how to?

What you need:

  • 3 -5 rinsed out empty eggshell (with just the top gently cut off)
  • googly craft eyes
  • potting soil ( we took some from our lawn) or else you can use cotton wool
  • Bajra seeds (pearl millet)
  • tempo markers
  • bottle caps to stand your egghead on
  • paper scraps for dresses


M and I start by giving our eggheads a stand,gluing the eggs ( broken side up) to the bottle caps. Then we gave them some personality using googly craft eyes and drawing the face.You can draw the eyes too.
Put planting soil/cotton wool inside the empty eggshell. Dampen it with some water. amm 1 tablespoon is enough.Sprinkle a generous amount of  seeds onto the cotton wool.
Then we placed Place our egghead on a sunny windowsill and now going to give them some water each day.
 here is a quick pictorial how to 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Spoon puppet Make your own!!!

Now that a new School year has started and a new office year as well :) I 'm afraid we would be spending even less time doing fun activities plus its getting very difficult to carve out time Mommy-Miral time between Quran class and home work and free play with friends not to forget Pokemon + kemonache  :) { yup guilty guilty} so I made a new {school} year resolution last week;" No matter what we will do one activity together on Friday, Promise " and I m gonna call it___ Well I dont know what!!!
so for our first " ___ well I don't know what" we made spoon puppets! have a look at our spoon family

Monday, August 26, 2013

Secret Messages on Eid ;D

This choti  Eid instead of starting the day with sawayaan ( vermicelli ) we started of with uncovering secret Eid messages 
I set up the morning table with the supplies including sheets with secret Eid messages. the trick is to write whatever u want to with a white candle
and told the lil ones to unveil their messages by painting over them with water colors 

well to my surprise it was easier for shefu to follow hahaha as all she does at this stage is Colooooooooorrrzch! and coolooorshz!! and coloorzch!!!

Miru's took a while to understand that its not about "drawing"or painting the way she usually does{ she is still in the princess phase} so it was tough for her to just Paint  the way she used to do 2 years ago, another proof "its hard to unlearn  :)
But once she got the first letter unveil she loved it so much that she wrote many many more one for everyone actually  ;)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to School !! yipeeee

Cant believe my little baby is so big already !!!

It seems as if it was just yesterday that she started preschool :)

chalk board photo prop details coming up soon :)

What We Did This Summer :)

 Well our summer was not all work and no play, here are some sneak peaks of fun filled days that M and S spend with there cousins :) . We love love looooOved having them over ! Cant believe it was just one week


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Working With Paint

Well ideally today's should be M's first day of school post and pics , but I guess that can wait. what we have here is  are  M's  creations on Paint. From school the situation was such that I had to take her to her baba's design studio { cant call it mine as yet} and to keep herself busy ( we dont have anything there as yet to entertain anyone--let alone kids ) she asked permission to work on computer as "she was supposed to get ready for her ICT class the next day . To my surprise she came up with this - she called it "blossom branch" for her this was something that has to do with japapanese art :)

and then another version of blossom brach with small people { twillerbees} in it at night- dont miss the small speach bubbles!!

and finally a third one { my personal favorite} :"A world in the sea"

though these are not her first attempts with paint tools and she is already a good artist when it comes to draw and paint {manually} Still I was so filled with amazement and joy by looking at her confident style on computer and the entire cradit goes to her amazing ICT teacher in kindergarten :) { I never ever thought of giving her time to use computer to show her creativity or even to practice for class not even for assessments  : D. Think this proves technology in the hands of a child is not that bad after all ...LOLs

Friday, August 9, 2013

Fun Science experiment with Eggs

{Well another one from the last month :D} An interesting discovery/experience about soilds and liquids

 Boohoo with the bay-blades , have you ever tried spinning eggs? if not try now , its fun and they usually don't break ;) For the additional fun battle boiled ones with raw! and let the kids guess who will win ;)

1 raw egg
1 full boiled egg
1 plate/dish with raised sides
Timer/stopwatch { you can even count your heart beat ;) }

Just start click the timer and start spinning 1.2.3....GOOOOO

The hard core always win ;) yup the boiled eggs spin faster and longer than a raw egg so it will always be the champion.

The inside of an egg is a LIQUID and when we spin an egg the liquid inside is pulled this way and that. This movement slows down the egg. While the inside of a boiled egg is hard/SOLID and its parts cant move so it spins all as one!

Monday, August 5, 2013

More on the Arts-ee side

Well though its been 8 days since July is officially over there are a few over due posts/ updates. so I'll try to wrap them all in one :)
Make Ata{wheat flour dough} Birds
First of all in the month of Ramadan all our routine is off. Kids stay up all night till sehri time {I know it will freak some of my discipline inclined friends} Here is a sneak peek on what do they do around 3 Am.
with the inspiration coming from drawing books

 Then we do Painnnnnnnnntsss { well never this late} , recently M tried her hands on blow painting for the first time...and it was ...well frustrating--- until we got the wobbly eyes on!!

While Shefu the destroyer dribbled the fabric and acrylic paints all over the sheets