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Friday, August 9, 2013

Fun Science experiment with Eggs

{Well another one from the last month :D} An interesting discovery/experience about soilds and liquids

 Boohoo with the bay-blades , have you ever tried spinning eggs? if not try now , its fun and they usually don't break ;) For the additional fun battle boiled ones with raw! and let the kids guess who will win ;)

1 raw egg
1 full boiled egg
1 plate/dish with raised sides
Timer/stopwatch { you can even count your heart beat ;) }

Just start click the timer and start spinning 1.2.3....GOOOOO

The hard core always win ;) yup the boiled eggs spin faster and longer than a raw egg so it will always be the champion.

The inside of an egg is a LIQUID and when we spin an egg the liquid inside is pulled this way and that. This movement slows down the egg. While the inside of a boiled egg is hard/SOLID and its parts cant move so it spins all as one!

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