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Monday, August 26, 2013

Secret Messages on Eid ;D

This choti  Eid instead of starting the day with sawayaan ( vermicelli ) we started of with uncovering secret Eid messages 
I set up the morning table with the supplies including sheets with secret Eid messages. the trick is to write whatever u want to with a white candle
and told the lil ones to unveil their messages by painting over them with water colors 

well to my surprise it was easier for shefu to follow hahaha as all she does at this stage is Colooooooooorrrzch! and coolooorshz!! and coloorzch!!!

Miru's took a while to understand that its not about "drawing"or painting the way she usually does{ she is still in the princess phase} so it was tough for her to just Paint  the way she used to do 2 years ago, another proof "its hard to unlearn  :)
But once she got the first letter unveil she loved it so much that she wrote many many more one for everyone actually  ;)

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