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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Working With Paint

Well ideally today's should be M's first day of school post and pics , but I guess that can wait. what we have here is  are  M's  creations on Paint. From school the situation was such that I had to take her to her baba's design studio { cant call it mine as yet} and to keep herself busy ( we dont have anything there as yet to entertain anyone--let alone kids ) she asked permission to work on computer as "she was supposed to get ready for her ICT class the next day . To my surprise she came up with this - she called it "blossom branch" for her this was something that has to do with japapanese art :)

and then another version of blossom brach with small people { twillerbees} in it at night- dont miss the small speach bubbles!!

and finally a third one { my personal favorite} :"A world in the sea"

though these are not her first attempts with paint tools and she is already a good artist when it comes to draw and paint {manually} Still I was so filled with amazement and joy by looking at her confident style on computer and the entire cradit goes to her amazing ICT teacher in kindergarten :) { I never ever thought of giving her time to use computer to show her creativity or even to practice for class not even for assessments  : D. Think this proves technology in the hands of a child is not that bad after all ...LOLs

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