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Friday, August 30, 2013

The Egg Heads

Hey!! meet our cute little  Eggie
The idea for this fun activity was actually generated by a surprise growth of bajra /pearl millet in our back yard where we wash the food tray for our chicks. We made our bald egg head; Eggie and then his parents ( to keep him company) on 28th august 2013 and today after two days all have started growing hair ;) 
Here is our Eggie with its parents  !!!

This is one activity that really really engaged M :) If you love them as much as we do here is a how to?

What you need:

  • 3 -5 rinsed out empty eggshell (with just the top gently cut off)
  • googly craft eyes
  • potting soil ( we took some from our lawn) or else you can use cotton wool
  • Bajra seeds (pearl millet)
  • tempo markers
  • bottle caps to stand your egghead on
  • paper scraps for dresses


M and I start by giving our eggheads a stand,gluing the eggs ( broken side up) to the bottle caps. Then we gave them some personality using googly craft eyes and drawing the face.You can draw the eyes too.
Put planting soil/cotton wool inside the empty eggshell. Dampen it with some water. amm 1 tablespoon is enough.Sprinkle a generous amount of  seeds onto the cotton wool.
Then we placed Place our egghead on a sunny windowsill and now going to give them some water each day.
 here is a quick pictorial how to 

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