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Monday, August 5, 2013

More on the Arts-ee side

Well though its been 8 days since July is officially over there are a few over due posts/ updates. so I'll try to wrap them all in one :)
Make Ata{wheat flour dough} Birds
First of all in the month of Ramadan all our routine is off. Kids stay up all night till sehri time {I know it will freak some of my discipline inclined friends} Here is a sneak peek on what do they do around 3 Am.
with the inspiration coming from drawing books

 Then we do Painnnnnnnnntsss { well never this late} , recently M tried her hands on blow painting for the first time...and it was ...well frustrating--- until we got the wobbly eyes on!!

While Shefu the destroyer dribbled the fabric and acrylic paints all over the sheets

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