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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Easy Fossil Making for Kids

 The second activity that was initiated by "did dinosaurs have feathers" is the fossil making, that again was based on the easy technique of making a plaster cast but was a lot of fun for all three of us. The catch again was to introduce her to a little bit of science and history while building on new vocabulary. The simple molding casting activity gave us plenty of time to discuss about the earth; its layers and how it was formed, lava and volcanoes, Fossils; what are they?, how were they made? different kind of feathers and why it was difficult to find nay feathers from dinosaur time? She can never get tiered of the story of the big bang! And it is not boring at all. Especially when u see it from a 6 years old's imaginative perspective. The lava eruption could be caused by the 'thumping' of dinosaurs on yet soft earth!! We were just using our 'logical brains' and contemplating different theories { all our own, of course}
Here are the "Fossils" we dug up :)

and Here is the Process
smooth a thic layer of modeling clay in disposable container
take the objects out carefully
Mix plaster of Paris in water, making a thin even paste
pour it on the clay making quarter of an inch thick layer
leave overnight to dry/ harden
slip them out and remove the clay carefully


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