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Monday, July 22, 2013

Word Puzzle ----- PDF trail

M got a word list of 600 new words that the newly promoted kids are supposed to learn during the summer break, M is doing fine on her list ( with the regular mumbling and grumbling when kids are dragged to do "HOME WORK"). I was planning to make word games out of those words since the day we started but couldn't get enough motivation. now the other day a friend text-ed me about the issues she is facing with her uninterested young one. So I garbed the opportunity to tryout a number of things I was planning to do for a while but..... Yes one of then is to make the word puzzles the second one is to make a printable PDF and share it on my blog. so this is the first try for both ...Hope it works. You can now try out the word puzzle
( sorry its nothing fancy or cute) here.

Its based on the words on the page 1 of the list provided by her school. For the beginners I've added a list of 2-3 letter words at the bottom, but you can start with that one if introducing the word puzzle for the first time. The initial success is very important to keep them encouraged you know ;)
Do let me know how did it work!!! 

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