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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Recycle Spring Hat !!!

Here is our Recycled Spring Hat ... though it has no direct connection with Pakistan Day yet I have a very strong feeling that introducing recyling at this age will eventually help make her a better Pakistani; that this is one GREEN activity ... what do u say??? This is what u need to make this cutie ( Oh no I am not telling you about my cutie...hehe)
1. Old news paper
2. Masking tape
3. Paints ( we used acrylics)
4. Crape paper to make flowers,or you can get sresh flowers, laces , bows and any other old or new stuff u fancy and a very funny kid who cant stand hiding behind paper :)

How To:

Pile up 2 full sheets on top of your kiddo's head in different direction, squeeze it down to form a crown,put masking tape around it. Repeat it for a few times to get a more stable hat. or you can pile up 3-4 sheets all at a time....but for that you need a more patient child that is rare to find these days :)

It would be a lot easier if u get adult help for this stage.
Yup its dark under it so quickly move to next step and put masking tape around the crown a few more times so that its secure enough then start rolling up the sides to make the brim. This is the stage where you can creat a lot of different styles. Then enjoy painting with the lil one. M enjoyed this part best.We chose bright yellow for the base . We need to paint it on both sides esp the brim.

Finally use bows , flowers stickers anything ur kid and u fancy to decorate :)
I made some crape paper flower that M love love loved so she told me where to put them and I just glued them in place. Then she told me to put up some sticker and glitter and Ribbons.... She is going to look so damn cute on her nature walk this evening :)
Do give me a shout if u like it and try with ur lil ones :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Hat!!!

This morning I got a massage on facebook from my good friend Anie. She needed some suggestions on her kids spring project, she has to make a spring hat and..... yup u guessed it right!!! that's what I needed :) She GAVE me the idea !!! M and I gonna make a cute spring hat on the 23rd as its a holiday here, though we should be doing a more patriotic craft as its "Pakistan Day" any way do come back to check :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Have You Ever Experienced.....

annoyance while surfing the net.... Ughhhh I have. Can u just imagine frustration that I just stumbled across this real creative blogger from Karachi and it was my first one from Paki land that was not about politics and all and ....Ya the power went off .....So,what do u do in a situation like this ??? sit back put all your work aside and spend the rest of your afternoon searching for it .Tadaaaa U live in Pakistan and work in an office where no one is bothered to connect your PC to the UPS!!!
who are u ...oh the "Miss designer" !!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lahore Blasts

left us all N U M B.....what's happening around us what are we gonna give to our children ????????????

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our New Friends

are supper cool to play and supper fun to make!!! by far these are the quickest craft that i did to this day. As I hardly get enough time to spend with M now a days I am looking for crafts /activities that can be made during 1 hour break at lunch time. So this also is the first "Take Home "gift for her and I don't know if any of you can relate to it but I was.... well... a bit nervous about her response. What if she doest like them as much as I do? so I introduced the mommy bunny first and received a pretty mild response

:( heart broken I showed her the rest

she was screaming with JOY,
filling all the fingers
giving them names
talking to them
asking for more
WoW am I glad!!!!

To Make

To make these supper cool supper cute puppets click here and visit Disney family fun
I don't have a printer attached to my PC so I copied the pic to get my mommy and baby sets I printed in 2 sizes, one regular and one on half scale, then I glued an extra sheet on back to strengthen them, cut them around the edges.And finally to secure them a bit laminated them with 1 inch wide clear tape.on both sides cut extra bits join the extra flap on back and DONE!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hey!!! I am Back

yeah I am alive..... but a lot more busier than I ever thought I would be, no time for crafting, bloging, cooking,but every time I sit on my desk these sweet flowers and wakky mommy makes me smile :) love u meero.
So what I am busy with ..... hmmm creating this
and this...and this .....and this.....and there is a lot more , actually more than 40 designs in less than 3 months... pheeeuHHh if u'd like to check out more visit NishatLinen