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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our New Friends

are supper cool to play and supper fun to make!!! by far these are the quickest craft that i did to this day. As I hardly get enough time to spend with M now a days I am looking for crafts /activities that can be made during 1 hour break at lunch time. So this also is the first "Take Home "gift for her and I don't know if any of you can relate to it but I was.... well... a bit nervous about her response. What if she doest like them as much as I do? so I introduced the mommy bunny first and received a pretty mild response

:( heart broken I showed her the rest

she was screaming with JOY,
filling all the fingers
giving them names
talking to them
asking for more
WoW am I glad!!!!

To Make

To make these supper cool supper cute puppets click here and visit Disney family fun
I don't have a printer attached to my PC so I copied the pic to get my mommy and baby sets I printed in 2 sizes, one regular and one on half scale, then I glued an extra sheet on back to strengthen them, cut them around the edges.And finally to secure them a bit laminated them with 1 inch wide clear tape.on both sides cut extra bits join the extra flap on back and DONE!!

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