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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Yesterday M and I enjoyed painting on canvas.It was the first time that i introduced acrylics and canvas to her.She handled the medium pretty well it was very sweet that she arranged all the color tubes on mat while I was getting the other stuff ready. We started off with two 1x1 feet canvases I gave one to M and painted a green background on the other one. M just loves mixing things up so its was the same brush that went in each color and the same spot that was painted over and over in circles.I think she was fascinated by the mixing and the way it turned into a new color. Funny thing is that she can't resist water actually she tried to paint only with water so I had to remove it. Then came painting with her hands. What I initially intended were canvases with her hand prints one with her painted background as she has just turned 2 and another one with coconut tree for chicka chicka boom boom theme challenge and ended up with these which no doubt are even cuter. She is now obsessed with the idea of painting her hands and printing them

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