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Friday, February 27, 2009

A Blog A Day

Every day I find at least one new blog that blows my head away with its creativity, simplicity and very recently i found this blog and so so much in love with Montessori!!! she has explained each and every aspect of Montessori in the best way possible and all the down loadable templates ....simply mind blowing.
I have been planing to make an apron and a small I spy quilt for M but the first thing that actually stimulated me to do some machine work was her lil crayon roll while it was very simple I felt no need to search for a tutorial and I used fabric from my bedlinen stash. It came out pretty nice for the first try (only that it had 11 pockets instead of 12)
Now that its done I am planning to keep it for my own pencils/pens and make another one for M with one main change, I want to add up Velcro instead of the ribbon ties (though the ribbon sure looks nice) because I think that Velcro will make it more age appropriate for M as it will give her opportunity to open and close up the roll after using the crayons all by herself.

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