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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Color Sorting

Now that I just started getting worried about her color senses M finally displayed very good sense of color. Actually she never seemed interested in colors, while drawing she just picks up one color pencil or whatever medium and keeps on drawing with that and when I name any color she seemed oblivious or started reciting all the names that come to her mind. She never seemed interested in color sorting activities and today when I presented her with 4 plates with Red, Blue Yellow and green papers pasted in them and a tray full of colored balls (to my relief) she quickly sorted them out and she even named the colors :)
I think all the information was getting into that Little brain all that time but the "Balls" -her ultimate favorites- triggered it off. I read it on some Blog a while ago that the best way to introduce an activity is to incorporate the kids favorite theme/object with it now i am fully convinced :)

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