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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fancy Pens

well this is not perticularlly a montessori inspiered activity yet as i believe in what maria montesori believed "seeing becoms reading and touching becomes writing" so i labeled it montessori, in fact its not even a planed activity. yet it is somthing that M loves to do at any given time of the day (or even night) and this cute addition to M's beloved stationery is all around the place now!!!

these cute "burrrds" and "haarts" ballpoint pens were gifted by Asma Mos this weekend and since then M asks for them every 5 minutes or so, and now they are out with her sketchbook or any spare paper all the time..... eating , playing with blocks, laying on floor, relaxing ,sitting, watching Baby TV......any time
what interests me most is the fact that she is not apparently fascinated by the soft fathers or the birds or hearts, though she mentioned "burrrds"once or twice in the beginning but after that she didn't touch it didn't play with it, even doesnt seem to notice them while drawing.... strange!

and with a ban on crayons;.... (ya you heard it right! she is not gonna use crayons for some time now all thanks to her taste buds..... she cant resist the tasty yummy (yukky) crayons) this fascination seems to last a bit longer.

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teachingtinytots said...

love the pens! my girls would be all over them wanting to write with them!

the toddler theme thursday is from thursday to thursday so you have plenty of time! no worries! can't wait to see what you guys do!