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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Toddler Theme Thursday

Although i know we are late for this post but here is the account of our very first toddler theme Thursday with "black and white animals" never the less.
We overlooked the animal part for most of the time. Despite the fact that she is a great painter M doesn't know the names of the colors except for ED * red* and i think this week's theme is a great way to introduce the names of the two colors, " white" and "black" .
To start with I kept pointing out at things that are in either black or white from time to time and this eventually turned into an i spy kind of a game with asking which color is which"

Then came the part that M liked best "Drawing " yes with black and white or rather white ON black. For this I used a black textured chart paper and white chalk the only thing that M didn't like was the chalk being broken again and again our "black an white" master piece

The third activity was more of my satisfaction than hers :) we did lacing for that .... YES Finally we made a lacing penguin!!! I was waiting for an opportunity to introduce lacing/sewing to her and it was fun. The procedure is simple I drew a penguin,round pot bellied work for me (you can get thousand templates on line if you want!!!) according to that drawing I marked and cut one large and one small black circle, one medium size white circle, two wings in black and two white circles for eyes one triangle for beak and two feet in yellow.Then came gluing n pasting and for the first time M was introduced to glue (mommy's pride she didn't try to eat IT!!!) i glued them all on a mount board the outline of penguin is then cut into mount board and finally the wholes were punched all around the outer edge. The white shoe lace completed it off... simple ! As we were doing lacing/sewing for the first time M couldn't follow the sequence and it was taking her ages to pass the lace from single whole :) so a lot of praising goes with it and she didn't bother to complete the circle either..... but that's Fine I guess!!


teachingtinytots said...

great job! love her chalk drawing you need to keep that she did great!

love the penguin! they are so cute!

sandy said...

The penguin is adorable! She did a very good job for her first try!