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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Messy Messy Vege Printing or is it Painting ???

well i need to consult the so called gatekeepers of ART for that ............. na don't have time for that crap so be it art or craft it works for me either way :)
master piece
It was our last fun Activity on Eid Day before M went to bed it started off pretty neat with simple blocks made out of veges. I wont go into the details coz everyone knows how to do it. the new thing was the color pads I didn't want regular stamp pad as they come in the most boring color of all so I created two stamp pads of my own. for this we just needed two poster colors and some spare cotton fabric and of course two plates. Initially I used tissue paper to make the pads they are important to control the runny paint but it didn't work out properly then I tried out some waste fabric folded into small pad and WOW it was amazing. it soaked the color so well and didn't tear and didn't dry out as fast as the tissue. Then I showed M how to put the veges block first into the stamp pad and then onto the paper; One... Two... Three... (dip dip dip)... on paper! but for M it was more fun with One... Two... Three... (dip dip dip) ... and on paper paper paper paper..... till all the color came out It went on for quiet some time till M decided to paint with the pads as well and then with her hands :) it was messy but FUNwell the artist is signing her work .... hehe she cant help drawing with the pen

but i sure need to get her an apron soon :/

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teachingtinytots said...

love your veggie prints! i bet she had lots of fun!

i forgot to change the theme someone asked if we could do this instaed so the 16th is: Zebras (or colors Black and White or just pick one)