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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stringing Beads

Finally i found a solution to create a Lacing /Stringing beads. I couldn't find them here in local toy stores and cant order from amazon. I saw this cool salt dough bead necklace at slugs on the refrigerator through crafty crow today and instantly I was like OK that's my solution . they are big, chunky,fun and easy to make. M definitely helped me made these big beads though hers were just flat chapatis :) the recipe is here.I painted them individually with acrylic paints.Now that the beads are done my next problem was to find a lacing needle and the solution!!! yes my simple hair pin with a spool and one bead tied at one end!
It was fun and I was amazed how quickly M got the hang of it...only a few tries and NO MOMMY in the room did the trick ;)

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