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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Work Work Work

is now mommy's motive or may I say motif ...... its my second day and man am I going nuts from going to one design and then to the other, this color schemes or that???, from home fashion to apparel to kitchen accessories and whats with the funny designs with Rosters Oh have you ever heard of a thing like "bridal formal Apron", Oh God who was the designer and who has chosen and approved those aMMazig designs.... hahaha the world is all going crazy man how were they surviving without ME !!!
And No matter how much I am enjoying this crazyness I am missing my Matto Janiya and our cute lil "ac-tiv-ties".It makes me so so happy when I think about going back home and my lil one will hug me with "I missed U Mommy" and that's why today's post is straight from my office. NO MORE COMPTEER TIME at home from now on, all of that would be Matoo's time!! what do you say to new mom unplugged ? well partially unplugged.

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haroon said...

Unplugged sessions are more melodious though they require more acumen.