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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Block Puzzles

Here is one of M's Eid Gift that without a doubt is her favorite
The block puzzles to make pictures of her grand parents and phopho

and to entertain us with the mixed up creations

To make block puzzles

1. I made 4 cuboids by gluing together 3 pieces of cube blocks.

I believe in introducing new concepts and activities step by step so wanted to avoid the CUBE puzzle. It would have been really confusing for a 2.8 to put together a picture cut into 12 small pieces, glued to 12 different cubes on all different sides. The first time around that is a sure road to failure resulting in early disappointments. These early disappointments in ones ability can result into low self esteem. Which I am sure any parent would want to avoid. so the formula is to add on step by step.

Any way back to the tutorial, you can also use wooden blocks if available or if you can get them cut on order.

2. Then I measured the size of the blocks all put together and the size of one block that gave me guidelines to adjust my pictures on photoshop.

3. Then I chose 4 pictures. As you can see these are family pics I would suggest something that your child is familiar or close to that will help increase the attention span.

4. Then I used photoshop to adjust my pictures so they kind of fit together when overlapped

5. Print them

6. Cut and glue on them on the blocks

7. I used contact/sticker sheet to protect the final blocks just measure all around a block that will give you the required length and for width simply measure the broad side of a block. Remove the back sheet slowly as you work your way up the sides. it will take some practise and patience.

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Krystal said...

These are very cute puzzles!